Karl Lagerfeld A/W10 (Collections)

So, I have been rather stagnant on my design blog, more will be posted very soon. Lately, I have been studying who is viewing this blog. Predominantly French, British, and American viewers/ readers. I am going to start translating all of my reports and write-ups on collections in french, et cetera! For the Bilingual-French readers, please contact me if the translations are incorrect. Thanks so much to all the new followers for appreciating Fashion and all things Beauty.
Much Love, Efren A.

A collection consisting of a basic Streamlined Silhouette, Lagerfeld uses tailored and structured elements in the collection, predominantly black patent and silver. An overall great and distinct collection from our beloved Karl!

Une collection consistant en une Silhouette Carénée fondamentale. Lagerfeld utilise des éléments adaptés et structurés dans la collection, le brevet et l'argent d'une manière prédominante noirs. Une général grand et distinct collection de notre Karl bien-aimé!

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Runway Images: www.style.com

Regarder la collection complète ici.
View the complete collection here.

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