Philip Treacy on SHOWstudio (LIVE)

On 25 March 2010, internationally acclaimed milliner and accessory designer Philip Treacy becomes the latest fashion creative to take up residence in the LiveStudio space. Treacy will craft a one-off headpiece during his day in the live studio: the whole process will be streamed live, and the resulting work will be showcased in the SHOWstudio Shop exhibition 'headdress' until 3 April 2010. - SHOWstudio

Sur 25 modiste internationalement acclamée le 2010 mars et le dessinateur Philip Treacy accessoire devient la dernière mode créative pour se mettre à la résidence dans l'espace de LiveStudio. Treacy fera un casque de l'un-de pendant son jour dans le studio en vie: le processus entier sera coulé en direct, et le travail résultant sera mise en évidence dans la coiffure d'exposition de Magasin de SHOWstudio jusqu' au 3 avril 2010. - SHOWstudio

♥ MADISON thing


  1. thanks for sharing this all i can now think about is Isabella Blow and hair collection of amazing feathered hats!!
    xo Tobes!!

  2. Amazing!
    And your welcome!

  3. these are interesting. reminds me of the butterfly headpieces by michelle salins on my blog.


  4. wow hun your so sweet :) thanks for the lovely comment
    i really do adore phillips work
    xo i will keep in touch
    xo tobes :)

  5. these headpieces are so interesting. reminds me of the butterfly headpieces by michelle salins. you can see them on my blog.


  6. Tobes:
    Okay, darling!

  7. Cheryl:
    I am going to take a look!

  8. Anonymous22.3.10

    Thank you so so so so much for sharing this with me! I'm definitely going to go now after going to Fashion Revolution by SHOWstudio, it was amazing!

  9. VickiLee:
    Of course doll, You are so fortunate to live in London, I would have loved to have visited Fashion Revolution.
    DId you blog about it?


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