Gareth Pugh A/W10 RTW (Collections)

 With collections in Paris emphasizing the cleanliness and crispness of cut and line. Gareth Pugh knows exactly how to do just that! Previous collections in gray, black, and white, Pugh works with an achromatic color palette, and an apocalyptic conscious! Black was the predominant color for this collection, chevron pattern cuts, angular in nature, narrow silhouettes, with the distinct Gothic and Futurist touch that is Gareth Pugh.
 I always look forward to seeing Pugh's collections, I grasp such whim and inspiration from his simple yet elaborate messages in the garments and collections. I adore the fabric manipulation on the jackets, Pugh accomplishes a difficult task by making angular lines look soft and fluid, which is very pleasant to the eye. Overall the collection was gorgeous and very marketable, these garments presented the "business side" of Pugh for the ready-to-wear market.

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  1. I loved the Gareth Pugh show... he's one of the great designers who went to Central Saint Martins!

    Really cool blog, keep it up!


  2. Why thank you.....Central St. Martins is amazing, so is Gareth Pugh, I remember seeing his first collections on SHOWstudio. And I just fell madly in love with his vision.

    Thanks again hunn, and keep in touch!

    ♥ MADISON thing


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