A/W Preview & Designs (MADISON thing)

Three new designs for my Autumn-Winter Collection, with emphasis on darker colors and volume, for example the voluminous shoulder on the second design, and the puffed skirt. Critique & Comment, it is appreciated.

Trois nouvelles conceptions pour ma Collection d'Automne-Hiver, avec l'accent sur les couleurs plus sombres et le volume, par exemple l'épaule volumineuse sur la deuxième conception, et la jupe soufflée. Critiquer et Commentaire, il est apprécié.

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  1. Britny Amber12.3.10

    Oh lovey these designs are fabulous! I'd love to wear one! <3

  2. Anonymous13.3.10

    These are so good! I especially love the last one!
    I'd love to wear one too! Are you making them?


  3. Ire: If I had the fabrics, and an education in Fashion Design, of course!!!
    But, currently it is an idea on paper!
    Thanks hunn, I am so gladyou like them.

  4. I find the third design intensely intriguing, it's the kind of garment that makes me wish I had a fancy yacht party to attend to. What materials do you envision it being executed in, particularly the collar? Is the top area different than the area below the waist? Thanks so much for sharing these, keep it coming!

  5. Dessinatrice: Thanks so much for your comment, I am glad you can relate to the design. I envision the garment in a very light weight black chiffon, the neck ruff would be in a faux-fur or some other soft fabric. The top area is the same fabric throughout the garment.
    New designs will be coming soon. Thanks again.


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