Floral Print Couture Gown (Garment & Design)

Current progress on a new garment I am currently constructing. Floral Print Couture Gown in dark gray cotton blend. Asymmetrical top, a line silhouette.

Preliminary Design:


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OBJECT FETISH (Fashion Film)

OBJECT FETISH from SHOWstudio by Alex Fury!

"The aim of our new Object Fetish series is to pick apart key fashion objects plucked from the latest round of international collections in minute detail."

Prada A/W 2010 "Shoes w/ Socks."
View the film, here.

Image Courtesy of SHOWstudio.com

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2009-2010 Haute Couture (Designs)

Venerable Couture designs from 2009 to 2010.
Critique & Comment, it is greatly appreciated.

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Erotica VOGUE Paris May 2010 (Editorial)

Haute Couture: Tribute to Alexander McQueen.
Photographer: Steven Klein.
Styling: Carine Roitfield.
Model: Lily Donaldson

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Images courtesy of FashionCopious.

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Preliminary Spring-Dress (Garment)

A view of the work table, preliminary images of Light Gray Chiffon Spring-Dress.
The whole process of designing and draping on the dress form has taken literally 10 hours +!



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Lady Dior "Lady Blue" (Ad Campaign)

Marion Cotillard in the third of a four Chapter "Lady Dior" Saga.
Photographer: Steven Klein.

View the complete report, here.

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Image courtesy of FashionCopious.

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Zac Posen for Target (LookBook)

Zac Posen for Target, April 25th 2010.
Six of my favorite looks.

View the complete collection, here.

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Images Courtesy of, Fashionista.com.

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Backstage at THREAD Show April 11th 2010 (Images)

THREAD Show was without question, one of the greatest experiences of my life, and definitely one of the most fashionable. I met many fabulous and talented designers, models, and stylists. I worked backstage on two Fashion shows, helping to dress the models as well as style their complete looks. Let me just say that Fashion shows require lots of teamwork and organization, It can get so chaotic backstage, a glamourous chaos of course! Nevertheless, I volunteered at THREAD Show 2010 to network, in hopes of finding internships with designers. I brought along my sketchbook with some of my best Designs, many of them on this blog. Among the designers that were showcased was Ximena Valero.

Backstage at THREAD Fashion Show:

Mistianna wears Smoke & Mirrors purple mini dress w/ shoulder, the best collection!

Accessories: Jewelry by Micha Design, Handbags by Automatic Sweetheart.

Hair and Makeup:

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Runway pictures are coming soon.
View some of the Runway Images, here. A few of the dresses I styled! With the help of Fashion Stylist Reinaldo Irizarry.

To view all of the images from THREAD show, click here.

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THREAD Show San Diego (INFO)

We are all ready (fashion enthusiasts and designers) for a notable Fashion Event in San Diego. On Sunday April 11th, 10 to 5pm. I will be an official volunteer at the Fashion Show, backstage with Fashion Stylist Reinaldo Irizarry (@reyalfashion). I visited the venue that is currently underway, I met Lara the founder and CEO of THREAD Show and the Event Producer, as well as all the fabulous volunteers working at THREAD. Cannot wait any longer to see everyone for a wonderful day of Fashion on Sunday! It is time to network!

Here's a scan of the Show Guide:

Horton Plaza Event Banners:

Visual Display next to the "Eco-Friendly" grass Runway:

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'BEAUTY' VOGUE Italia April 2010 (Editorial)

A gorgeous array of futuristic tribalism, with a twist of ethnicity and sexual appeal. Necklaces and accessories adorned in metallic gold.

Photos by Greg Lotus.

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Images courtesy of FashionCopious.

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