Giles A/W10 RTW (Collections)

 Giles Deacon gives us Sixties flare with a modern touch, of course.
Deacon uses a safe color palette of neutrals, beiges, browns, yellows, slivers, purples, and grays, etc.
Very feminine dresses, fabric manipulated skirts consisting of many many layers, and intimate bodices. The collection was to me not as exciting as others, I enjoyed his spring collection very much. This collection was lacking a certain personal stand point.
It is ready-to-wear though. All and all the collection was well executed and styled.

View the complete collection here.

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  1. dear new first follower!
    nice of you to talk about giles, he recently won a fashion prize created by the french culture ministry..so great expectations

    check my post on rihanna's influences, you will be STUNNED

    all the best

    fashion peacock

  2. Anonymous6.3.10

    I loooove the skirts in this collection! And the neutral colours were the perfect pick.

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  3. Sarah: I agree, although the collection wasn't too interesting, or fabulous for my taste.

    Thanks for following, and keep in touch.

  4. Anonymous6.3.10

    hey, i've mentioned you in my blog ;D


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