Shorthand Sketches in Green (Designs)

Some quick shorthand designs in green (a very difficult color to design with).
Critique & Comment, it is greatly appreciated!

Quelque sténographie rapide conçoit dans vert (une couleur très difficile pour concevoir avec). Critique et Commentaire, il est fort apprécié!

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♥ MADISON thing


  1. I totally agree that it's hard to work with the color green but these are awesome... you really have a distinct sense of style ^^

  2. Yes, green is such a mysterious color.

    Thanks for the compliments, I have been trying to develop a certain style, I am glad you have noticed it, not many people can!

  3. Your sketches are exquisite and your use of color astounds me, I am usually not a fan of green but would love to wear the gown! Your sense of style speaks volumes-such grace and enchantment you wield with your pencils! :-) You are definitely one to watch which is why I am now following you. Much success to you-you are very talented my friend, cheers!

  4. you're definitely meant to do this. you're so good.


  5. Kimmy:
    Thanks so much for your compliments and kind words. I am more than happy to hear that you would wear the gown!

  6. wowww! this is truly amazing :) they're so cute. love that green and those outfits :)

  7. Mary Lee:

    Thanks doll.
    Keep in touch!

  8. You are soo good, really! I love it.You have great talent, dont let get away..♥

  9. wow, the dresses in the second picture...!
    and I am green with envy of your use of color.

    do you use photoshop or something or a good old-fashion color pencil? :)

  10. F (The Very Subjective):
    Yes that design has become very popular, and why thanks!

    I use photoshop to fix the lighting, since I scan the designs on to my computer, but in it's originality all the designs are either drawn with ink or colored pencil or a combination of both.


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