Vickie Lee and the Vintage Stop (Images)

I want to give insight into a blog named Vintage Stop by Vickie Lee, she creates wonderful posts that are intriguing and fabulous. I was casually browsing a few blogs, and I came across her new post. Here's the beautifully photographed pictures of her sister's Designs, her sister recently got accepted to the very prestigious Central St. Martins in London. I am so envious.

I adore the color combination of red, black and white with the nude tights; so classic, it is creative and inspiring!

Click Image(s) to Enlarge.

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  1. Anonymous28.2.10

    Thank you so much! I'm honoured :)
    Do you also plan to go to CSM? I'm sure you'd get in with all your beautiful designs!

  2. Vickie: Awww! Well, it would be my dream. I live in California so it would be rather expensive to study abroad. I plan on attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

  3. the photos are so so good, the whole concept is brilliant. vicki you look so pretty!
    so jealous that you live in california.
    beeble xo.


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