Roksanda Ilincic F/W 10 RTW (Collections)

Roksanda Ilincic's collection for London Fashion Week was superb, a variation in colors, subtle neutrals, aqua greens, and burgundies, pinks, oh and of course, fur fur fur! Draped fabrics, and couture applique were major influences in the collection. Ilincic's collection always portrays a sophisticated women. The collection is Ready-To-Wear, but I think it deserves a title "Haute Couture". I have seen couture shows that don't even measure up to Ilincic. Ilincic understands the movement of body, for example the flow in the draped satins. The minute details in the fabric manipulation and couture detailing. The cut of the coats and sleeves are so refined and beautiful, the hair crimped and voluminous. Altogether this collection was one of my personal favorites for London Fashion Week of 2010.

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View the complete collection here.

Diane Pernet "A Shaded View":

Watch the complete Fashion Show here.

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  1. I don't know much about fashion (just starting to learn), but I agree about the draped fabrics. :)

  2. You can watch the whole video on the On|Off website, or on the embedded link on my blog. Roksanda Rocks

  3. Thanks Duck, I appreciate it......
    I wanted a quick Finale video from "A Shaded View" by Diane Pernet.

    ♥ MADISON thing


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