THREAD Show San Diego (INFO)

We are all ready (fashion enthusiasts and designers) for a notable Fashion Event in San Diego. On Sunday April 11th, 10 to 5pm. I will be an official volunteer at the Fashion Show, backstage with Fashion Stylist Reinaldo Irizarry (@reyalfashion). I visited the venue that is currently underway, I met Lara the founder and CEO of THREAD Show and the Event Producer, as well as all the fabulous volunteers working at THREAD. Cannot wait any longer to see everyone for a wonderful day of Fashion on Sunday! It is time to network!

Here's a scan of the Show Guide:

Horton Plaza Event Banners:

Visual Display next to the "Eco-Friendly" grass Runway:

Click Image(s) to Enlarge.

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  1. Ooh la la, that looks very exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    xoxo Maria

  2. Oh that looks really good!
    Wish we had something like that round here!
    Anyhoo, take lotsss of photos and have fun!

    Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo


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