Backstage at THREAD Show April 11th 2010 (Images)

THREAD Show was without question, one of the greatest experiences of my life, and definitely one of the most fashionable. I met many fabulous and talented designers, models, and stylists. I worked backstage on two Fashion shows, helping to dress the models as well as style their complete looks. Let me just say that Fashion shows require lots of teamwork and organization, It can get so chaotic backstage, a glamourous chaos of course! Nevertheless, I volunteered at THREAD Show 2010 to network, in hopes of finding internships with designers. I brought along my sketchbook with some of my best Designs, many of them on this blog. Among the designers that were showcased was Ximena Valero.

Backstage at THREAD Fashion Show:

Mistianna wears Smoke & Mirrors purple mini dress w/ shoulder, the best collection!

Accessories: Jewelry by Micha Design, Handbags by Automatic Sweetheart.

Hair and Makeup:

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Runway pictures are coming soon.
View some of the Runway Images, here. A few of the dresses I styled! With the help of Fashion Stylist Reinaldo Irizarry.

To view all of the images from THREAD show, click here.

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  1. yayyyyyy im happy for you

  2. how exciting about the guy showing interest in your designs!

  3. that is awesome, girl! crossing fingers :)

  4. F (The Very Subjective):
    I am actually a guy. But it's fine, no worries!

  5. fail :) why did I think you are a girl? I guess I just made an assumption, haha!

  6. congrats to you. looks like a lot of fun!


  7. F (The Very Subjective):

    You didn't fail!
    It's quite alright!

  8. Cheryl Clarke:

    Thanks so much!


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