Design for Cornell Design Award 2010

Design for the FSAD Cornell Design Award for high school students 2010 contest. Critique & comment, it is greatly appreciated.


  1. Really lovely design. It's wearable but fun. I do wish I could see a bit of the back drapery from the front facing illustration - just because it's a bit confusing without a hint of something back there. Also, the back drape looks shorter than the front drape - is it meant to be? If so, you might want to add some explanation.

  2. i Love the illustration :)

    kisses A.

  3. Anton Belardo: I adore your blog, quirky and fun. It's great. And thank you, I appreciate it.

    Keep in touch

  4. Heather Fonseca:
    Thank you Heather. Yes I see your point. And no the back drape is entirely the same length.


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