One-Shoulder White semi-sheer Dress (Garment) & Muse *100th Post

Blogging keeps a record of your interests and desires, I have made it pretty far respectably. And blogging has helped me lay a foundation/ framework for the future. I want to thank all the devoted fashion mavens who follow and have helped make MADISON thing a tad more notable, Much Love ♥

My concentration theme for AP Art Studio, a class I am currently enrolled in, is Fashion Design. This dress will be a year in the making, I already have a preliminary design. I want to wow my class at the end of the year by having a live model in a garment I designed. This project will also be a part of my college portfolio. What do you think so far? Critique & Comment! 

The fabric is semi-sheer, so styling is important. I created an asymmetrical mesh at the shoulder which is the point of interest in terms of design. To even the garment's and model's proportion I added a waistband.
Close-up of the asymmetrical mesh.

My good and very talented friend Johnny, has made a return to humble beginnings (no pun intended). I am excited he is back, we can start collaborating. Visit his blog, How to Draw Blood (an Art & Music Collective) I may seem a little pouty, I was just trying to be fierce!
As a gift, I gave him this cute EA hand-sewn bow.

The next morning we ventured off to Little Italy, where we found a way to get into Comic-Con 2010. I took tons of fabulous pictures of the costumes & characters at the event, I will write a post on this shortly. Here's a few pictures of the event for those so eager. 
Aprox. 8:00 AM

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  1. Anonymous2.8.10

    Omg Efren i loveee that dress!!!
    I would totally buy that!! :))
    very beautiful


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